It shouldn't be a battle between you and your wardrobe.  Time to kick the struggle to the curb.

Let's get you styled.

    What do I bring to the table?  Three words give you a little glimpse into what I can offer.




Every person is unique, with their own personality and their own story to tell.  I help you to show the world a little bit more about who you are, with your clothing.  Let's work together to show off your true colors.



  Whether we are working together to re-build your closet, or starting from scratch I will show you all the tools and tricks to make the most of your wardrobe.  I want to make how you feel on the inside match the outside no matter your career, or your lifestyle. HubFashion = Style Success 



I get it, getting dressed each day isn't easy and can be overwhelming.  However, I am here to guide you through each and every step of the process.  Not sure on something, ask me.  Need more options, you got it.  If it's something I can accommodate, I will.  It's a promise.

The woman who will ensure you look and feel your best....


Danielle Phillips has been assisting people with their clothing choices and style as long as she can remember. She was always helping friends and family put together looks that suited their shape, style, and personality. 




Most of her inspiration and style choices have come from her grandmother Josephine.  Everyday Jo was always wearing jewelry no matter where she was and it was never dainty.  Being that she had very little money, it was usually costume pieces but it certainly never lacked in personality and vibrance.  Jo always had on what reflected her and how she felt on that day.  She never cared about what anyone else thought, if it made her feel great then it was a perfect choice.  Danielle wears some of those gawdy but perfect-for-her pieces that Jo used to proudly wear each day.  One of the best lessons Danielle has learned from her and instills in her clients today is to be you and wear what makes you feel amazing.  It will change your whole outlook and confidence and people will take notice. 


When it came to deciding on college, focusing on a career in the fashion industry was the obvious choice for Danielle.  She continued to help people with their style along the way throughout college and beyond following her many years in the retail industry.

After realizing that being in the retail industry wasn't enough, she was ready to take her passion of helping people build their confidence through their wardrobe to reality.  That's where HubFashion was born.  Her strong desire to make getting dressed less complicated and more enjoyable comes to life through her process and teaching.  Danielle works with you to have the ultimate end goal you wish to achieve.  Whether that is a perfectly curated closet, a more efficient way to navigate your accessories, or even starting from scratch and giving you your self confidence back, she can make sure your fashion dreams come to life. 



Over the years she has had experience throughout many avenues in the fashion industry.  From training with fashion guru Stacy London to assisting and designing for a bespoke menswear company, Danielle brings a wide variety of knowledge to the table.  Her clientele have included many Boston leaders such as coaches and players from the Boston Celtics & local business executives.  

Today she continues to make Boston a better dressed city one closet at a time.  Let her take you on a journey to your own style success story.