So you decided that it's time for a change....but you have questions.  

 Let's get those answered.


Q: It's time for a change in my wardrobe/I have a major gala to attend/I have just switched careers and I need help.  How can we get started?

A: Amazing & congrats, you have just taken the hardest step by reaching let the fun begin.  You will need to start by filling out a q&a form to give me a little more insight and info about you.  We will then set up a Skype, phone, or in-person meeting where we will dive deeper into your needs and how I can help.  Send me a message or give me a call and I will send it right over!

Q: How long will the whole process take?  

A: Let's slow down for a moment.  Yes, we can implement some new things right away that will make a difference.  However the process is different for everyone and there is no general time frame as to how long it will take.  It will all depend upon what you are looking to achieve with your style and what your specific end goal is.  After our initial meeting I will create a plan and a general timeline based on factors such as budget, scheduling, needs, etc.  

Q: I am on a budget when it comes to shopping, can you still work with me?

A: Absolutely!  I am very conscious and understanding when it comes to your hard earned money.  When it comes to shopping, I will make sure that we get the best investments for the best price that we can.  I want to make sure that whatever we include in your closet, will last you as long as possible.

Q: Do you work with both men & women?  What about the younger ones?

A: Simple question and simply put, YES. I have worked with everyone - men, women, and even tweens.  Give me a call to chat more about your concerns.

Q: I'm not sure where to begin and what I should keep/donate/toss?  

A: Take a breath, and a step back.  We will work together to tackle the task.  If you aren't sure of which services are right for you, don't worry!  I will help hone in on what we really need to focus on to make your transformation a success.

Q: I'm very busy - can you accommodate my schedule?  

A: Of course!  I understand life and how busy we all are.  I am understanding and flexible when it comes to meeting with you, even if it is at your office.  After all, the process is about you and making your wardrobe easier to navigate.  So let's not add one more thing to the pot, let me check one thing off your list. 

Q: The packages are great, but they just aren't for you customize services based on my needs?

A: Absolutely!  No one is the same, so why should you have to choose from just a few options?!  I LIKE choices, but there still has to be a direction of where we are going to go on our journey.  That being said, let's talk and figure out how we will create your 'custom-to-you' package that is as unique and perfect as you are.

Q: How can we keep in touch following our time together?  I still want more style tips and advice until I see you again.

A: No worries and easy to do!  You can add your email below to join the Style Circle and start receiving info and style tips from me as it comes hot off the press.  Now I don't like spam, or an email (or 3) a day from other companies so I promise I won't do it to you.  If you like what you read and want more on a specific topic, just let me know!